Hummer H3

Why I Love My Hummer H3!

I am currently leasing a 2008 HUMMER H3 and I love it!
And here are the reasons why...
1.) It is sooo much fun to drive!
2.) I can take my H3 off-road without a stitch of problems or worries. In fact, the H3 can go through every obstacle an H2 can manage and I've even seen it do better than the H2 in a few areas of off-roading!!!
3.) My H3 is unbelievable in wintery snow conditions. It feels like there isn't even any snow on the road. In fact, I have to stop to help pull everyone else out of the ditch on the side of the road! But, that's okay because that's fun, too!
4.) I get up to 20 miles per gallon in my H3 and it takes unleaded fuel! My friends have commented on how much their SUV's get in gas and most of them get less miles to the gallon or have to fill up with premium gas and some of them have both of those downers on their vehicle!
5.) The H3 is quite a unique product. HUMMER's have a mystique about them that no other vehicle on the road have. In fact, a customer of mine recently told me that she has never had as many compliments on a vehicle as she has had on her H3. And, she even previously drove Mercedes-Benz's, Volvo's, and BMW's, just to name a few.
6.) Then, of course, there is the whole safety factor. I have never felt safer in a vehicle than when I'm driving my H3. H3's are extremely durable, stable, and dependable... they must get this from their father, the military veteran... H1.
So, there you have it! The H3 is not only for the rugged outback... it is also GREAT for everyday driving and is practical and extremely fun to drive!

Julie McNeill
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